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    Welcome to the CLR Podcast 094 with Kyle Geiger in the mix! Enjoy...

    December 13, 2010

    Hailing from a region known for its basketball and corn, the emergence of an artist from Indiana such as Kyle Geiger is marked as seldom at best. Kyle Geiger's quick rise in the international dance scene is due to both his production prowess, and his explosive decks and effects DJ sets that bridge the divide between techno and minimal. Kyle is not a producer first, DJ second, but chooses to look at both aspects of DJ and production as a whole; one is not complete without the other. Originally inspired by the harder, percussive stylings of late 90's Swedish techno featured on seminal labels like Drumcode and Code Red, Kyle has witnessed the evolution of the genre as it morphed into a more accessible, groove based sound. Still loving the energy and power of the earlier phases of techno while embracing the genre's changes, Kyle has refined his productions and DJ sets into what very well may be a new breed of soundscapes that pushes things forward for the next generation of techno to come. With highly regarded releases on Drumcode, MB Elektronics, and Perc Trax, as well as remixes for Trapez, Droid, Renovatio, plus having his tracks played by all the heavy hitters, the future is proving to be a very promising place for Kyle Geiger as he continues to take his widely recognized DJ set around the world and to the next level.


    Track # Artist Track
    1 Audire Lick it fast - ORIGINAL
    2 Argv, Jerome Sydenham Mogadishu Nights - Part 2
    3 Ness Fahernheit_(dj emerson remix)
    4 Kyle Gieger+Bobby Dowell Tiger_Wall_(Edit Select + Jochem Papp)
    5 Jonas Kopp Michigan Lake - Original Mix
    6 Decimal Death Song - Original Mix
    7 Jody Watley Looking For A New Love - Levon Vincent Dub
    8 Miki Litvak Pollinator - Gary Beck Remix
    9 Rainer Weichhold Reis - Carlo Lio Remix
    10 Kyle Geiger Insulate
    11 Kevin Gorman Shakey Metallic Beats - Original Mix
    12 DJ Hyperactive Reptilian Tank (Audio Injection Remix)
    13 Sidetract You Slay Me
    14 Levon Vincent Late Night Jam - Original Mix
    15 John Acquaviva, Pierce Butterfly Collector - Ozgur Can Remix
    16 Decimal Return Of The Jam - Original Mix
    17 Funk D'Void Shadowchaser_320
    18 Jonas Kopp Jonas Kopp - In My Soul (Traut Muzik)
    19 Max Bett Click