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    Welcome to the CLR Podcast 093 with Surgeon in the mix! Enjoy...

    December 06, 2010

    Surgeon, real name Anthony Child, has been at the forefront of UK techno since the 1995.

    His debut EP is regarded by many as seminal, launching his career along with several early Downwards releases, causing a ripple of excitement through the techno cognoscenti of the time. Surgeon has been prolific since, with three albums on Tresor and numerous Counterbalance and Dynamic Tension EPs. “Over the course of his career, the Birmingham resident has perfected a unique and uncommonly effective production style. His is a tough techno sound with an industrial murk about it but also plenty of funk, swing and a sophisticated sense of dub-space learned in part from his Chain Reaction contemporaries in Berlin. Proving that hard can also be smart, sensuous and danceable, the influence of Surgeon on the 2010-ruling Ostgut/Berghain sound – DJs/producers like Marcel Dettmann, Shed et al – is substantial”. (Fact Magazine)

    Further evidence of these multi-functional production skills can be seen on Surgeon's impressive remix CV, working with the biggest names in techno (Dave Clarke, Luke Slater/PAS, Green Velvet, Hardfloor, the Black Dog etc), Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Glasgow post-rock outfit Mogwai, old masters Faust and Coil, and most recently, artists such Moderat, Shed, Traversable Wormhole and Scuba.

    Recently dubbed by Fact magazine as “arguably the finest techno DJ in the world”, Surgeon is also naturally one of the most in-demand, with recent mixes for Warp and Fabric and a schedule spread across Europe, U.S.A and Japan. He has played every key club/event/festival going; helped pioneer Birmingham’s House of God; and, held a 3 year residency at Tresor (Berlin) during its all powerful 1990s peak. Surgeon continues to operate with Ben Sims as Frequency 7, whilst he was also one half of the much loved British Murder Boys (with Regis of Sandwell District).

    Contemporary Surgeon sets are notable for experimentation with new DJ technologies embracing cutting edge hardware and software solutions, increasingly blurring the line between a DJ set and a live performance. Surgeon is a selector of some skill and one of the most inventive, intuitive users of Ableton out there. Using techno as a vehicle to carry his artistic message, he also mixes up everything from contemporary bass music/dubstep to Rephlex-esque electronica to create a coherent and intense whole.


    Next release:
    Jolka - Five (Surgeon remix) - Sect Records (released first week of December 2010)

    Dates until the end of the year:
    27/11 - Awakenings, Amsterdam, Holland
    3/12 - Bleep43, Corsica Studios, London
    3/12 - Florida 135, Fraga, Spain
    5/12 - F7, Escada, Medina del Campo, Spain
    10/12 - Row, Barcelona, Spain
    11/12 - Fabric, London, England
    17/12 - Button Factory, Dublin, Ireland
    18/12 - Kozzmozz, Ghent, Belgium
    31/12 - Substance, Edinburgh, Scotland


    01. Raime - Blackest Ever Black (Regis version)
    02. Point B - Suicide Beauty Spot (Boris Noiz mix)
    03. Perc & Modern Heads - Moddax
    04. Inigo Kennedy - Obsidian
    05. Surgeon - Atol
    06. Skudge - Convolution Instrumental
    07. Datamine - Assemble The Troops
    08. Traversable Wormhole - Spacetime Symmetries (Tommy Four Seven mix)
    09. P45 - Gluten (Exhale Test 1)
    10. Jolka - Five (Surgeon remix)
    11. Riaz - Keep Secrets (James Ruskin mix)
    12. Untold - Mass Dreams Of The Future
    13. Ignacio - Virton Upgraded (Ben Klock remix A)
    14. 2AMFM - Desolate Cities
    15. Traversable Wormhole - Exiting The Milky Way (Surgeon remix)
    16. Samuli Kemppi - Linear Function
    17. Surgeon - Exhibit
    18. Elemental - Waterworks
    19. Taz - Gold Tooth Grin