Monoloc - Drift

    Artist: Monoloc
    Title: Drift
    Cat-No: CLRCD011MP3
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    Release Date: November 02, 2012

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    Born and raised in the heart of the blooming Techno metropolis Frankfurt am Main, Monoloc is not an unknown face in the international electronic music scene anymore. Numerous releases on respected labels as well as countless of his characteristic dj sets have gained the far and wide travelled artist many faithful friends. His multilayered productions, which have been continuously evolving and opening up to new influences, never fail to stay true to his strong Techno roots. After years of exploring and fiddling about the sound he heard in his head since his very humble beginnings as a producer, he has now reached a point where he can finally manifest his musical vision in its wholeness. What we have in our hands, is the result of one and a half years of restless studio work and it is a big pleasure for us to announce the release of Monoloc´s debut album “Drift” on the 2nd of November 2012 on CLR.

    During the production of the album Monoloc has been trying new ways, incorporating new styles, and sometimes just went with the flow without any plan or clearly defined goal. He so to speak “drifted” away a little bit from his usual work ethics, which resulted in a quite eclectic and highly entertaining album concept. Regarding the overall sound, Monoloc sticks to his origins and moves skillfully through sonic environments consisting of deep basses, noise, dark beats and quotes from all kinds of musical genres. Studio neighbor and label-head Chris Liebing took an active part in the mix-down of the album, so that the tracks also had to pass the test of his critical ears. Just as usual, Brian Sanhaji, another studio neighbor and long-term CLR artist took care of the mastering of the tracks and polished them to their full splendor. The result can be enjoyed as much in the club as at home.

    “Drift” is a musically sophisticated, slow and in spite of all the love for details pleasantly dirty Techno album. The occasional vocal tracks grant this long-player an atmospherically rich and diversified flow. Together with Daniel Wilde - Berlin based DJ, singer and producer who also works closely with Tiefschwarz and their Souvenir Music imprint - three songs have been crafted for this purpose, adding a deep and soulful dimension. Each one of the ten tracks works independently on its own, but it is the thoughtful combination that makes this album appear as more than merely the sum of its individual parts. Everybody at CLR is very happy about the outcome of this in-house production and we can only recommend you to pay attention to this great album.