Chris Liebing - Chris Liebing presents 10 Years CLR

    Artist: Chris Liebing
    Title: Chris Liebing presents 10 Years CLR
    Cat-No: CLRCD008MP3
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    Release Date: May 31, 2010

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    If you have met Chris Liebing, you know how Zen and positive he is. De-branding his label from his own name to .Create - Learn - Realize. reflects the change in concept and direction that comes with age and experience, and represents what Techno means to Chris. He.s always been true to his Techno roots, from legendary Omen days to CLRetry to his Residency at Space on Ibiza. He.s got a lot in common with Speedy J: the Zen attitude, the hunger for development in digital Djing and production that leads to involvement with custom soft- and hardware, the obvious bliss that tough and sexy grooving beats invoke in them. And last but not least, ethical values that strive to push the musically advanced over the safe standard, the talent over the hype. Marketing artistic integrity professionally is the key in times where record sales hardly pay anyone.s bills. Instead of mourning, positivity is what CLR stands for: leveraging a full circle concept of music, communication, events and artwork, is their way to create a platform for talented artists to get recognized and grow on. The side-effect is making music that is unarguably underground and the opposite of easy listening appeal to an audience far beyond the 90ies and 00.s, far beyond the underground, thus abducting and educating people to a parallel universe, creating a new experience. Berlin.s Berghain is a perfect example of this movement and at large a driving force behind re-introducing a darker, harder style of Techno back to the floors , so it.s not by coincidence that this is where we.ll see Chis Liebing showcase CLR.s vision in may in a special 6 hour set. Musically, we dive into a universe of relentless, high tech beats and soundscapes. Big bass drops to unveil sexy grooves, massaging the body from belly to fingertips. Hypnotizing patterns and reverb rooms sorround pounding beats and sudden high range attacks.These tracks work like crazy on the floor, and that.s a proven fact.