DJ Hyperactive - DJ Hyperactive - Venus Revisited

    Artist: DJ Hyperactive
    Title: DJ Hyperactive - Venus Revisited
    Cat-No: CLR086WAV
    Format(s):WAV Download   MP3 Download (available)   12" (available)  
    Release Date: March 30, 2015

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    DJ Hyperactive - Venus (Truncate Remix) Buy:   MP3 €1.26  WAV €1.99

    DJ Hyperactive - Venus (Ciren Remix) Buy:   MP3 €1.26  WAV €1.99

    DJ Hyperactive - Venus (DJ Hyperactive Remix) Buy:   MP3 €1.26  WAV €1.99

    DJ Hyperactive - Venus (Original Mix) Buy:   MP3 €1.26  WAV €1.99

    With the present release, Chicago born and bred DJ, producer, teacher, and brother of the humble, Joseph Manumaleuna aka DJ Hyperactive has provided us with a truly remarkable four track EP. CLR086 covers a wide spectrum of the sonic and artistic possibilities, which make modern Techno as irresistible as it can ideally be. There is the minimalist, bouncy original, elegantly playing with a mixture of uplifting and dark vibes, then there is the extremely reduced and highly effective Truncate remix, the relentless, almost epic Ciren mix and the percussive and hypnotic remix by the man DJ Hyperactive himself. Each and every one of those versions can be appropriate for a different situation, but in the end they are all aiming for the same goal - to create an absorbing soundtrack for unifying experiences on the dance floor. The “Venus Revisited” package and particularly the quality level of the present versions pay full respect to the outstanding original. CLR086 is a highly recommendable release for all those who appreciate uncompromising, cutting edge Techno with loads of groove and untamed energy.