Drumcell - Disturbance

    Artist: Drumcell
    Title: Disturbance
    Cat-No: CLR069VINYL
    Format(s):12"   MP3 Download (available)  
    Release Date: September 17, 2013

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    On 30.08.2013 CLR will release the debut album of our new label member Drumcell entitled “Sleep Complex”, an emotionally profound, open-minded approach to current Techno with a variety of influences and a complete disregard for any limitations musical genres could possibly represent. A few basic facts about the life of this dedicated Techno activist will help you understand the absorbing atmosphere of this exceptional record even better. 

    To cut a long story short, Drumcell was still just young Moe Espinosa, a local East L.A. kid who was heavily into listening and playing rock and industrial music, when he coincidentally found some of the heroic synthesizers of the first hour of Techno in the closet of a recording studio where he had been hired for a job. From this very minute on - things just jelled. If you imagine a technology geek / science-fiction-movies-loving teenage-outsider with a yearning punk rock soul, together with a TR-909, a TR-808 and a TB-303 in the back room of an old Latin House label in Hollywood, then you are pretty much imagining the humble beginnings of the man who started calling himself Drumcell around the year 2000 and who has dedicated his life to the search and creation of mind expanding, glorious sounds. His first vinyl record was hand-pressed and hand-wrapped in an L.A. garage, and when he handed out some copies of it on the following Detroit Electronic Music Festival, it was played on various festival stages the very next day. This immediate enthusiasm gave him enough power and endurance to go all the way and follow his dream uncompromisingly. By now his restless endeavors and the unheard amount of hours in the studio and the booth have paid off and he has become highly skilled and successful in what exactly matters most to him in life – the manifestation of truthful emotions in futuristic sonic concepts. 

    "Disturbance" as the first single out of "Sleep Complex" features remixes by Pfirter and Tommy Four Seven, all mastered by Brian Sanhaji and sound engineered by label master mind Chris Liebing himself.