Rebekah - Cycles EP

    Artist: Rebekah
    Title: Cycles EP
    Cat-No: CLR067MP3
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    Release Date: June 10, 2013

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    After celebrating Rebekah´s label membership with several memorable appearances at CLR events and her excellent edition of the imprint´s popular Reconnected series, we can now present you her first CLR release of original tracks. “Cycles EP” consists of four of her own productions entitled Suicide Mind, Self Destruct, Equilibrium and Asymmetric, which vividly express her personal trademark style of uncompromising Techno from the dark, driving and hypnotic side of the genre. 

    From the first time he heard one of her tracks, Chris Liebing was impressed by Rebekah´s characteristically thrifty and highly effective production style. Then her remixes and original productions kept showing up in his playlists more and more often, until he finally asked her to record a set for the CLR Podcast. From then on things went quite fast and only a few months later she became a part of the CLR booking agency. Everybody at the label is very happy to have her on board and this release of four top-notch tracks is the perfect proof of how well she actually fits into this bunch of dedicated and talented Techno heads. Despite the dynamic and relentlessness of her work, there also is an effortlessness and airiness about her productions. Controlled distortion goes hand in hand with an intoxicating groove and blends into Rebekah´s very own sonic recipe. 

    The long list of her supporters contains several of the biggest players in today´s Techno scene and is constantly growing. “Cycles EP” is another milestone on Rebekah´s journey and we can only recommend you to pay attention to this inspiring release.