MOTOR feat. Gary Numan - Pleasure In Heaven

    Artist: MOTOR feat. Gary Numan
    Title: Pleasure In Heaven
    Cat-No: CLR063MP3
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    Release Date: October 29, 2012

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    Another limited edition picture disc with brand new remixes of the latest MOTOR single, taken from their recent milestone album “Man Made Machine” is coming out on CLRX. The featured vocalist on this fourth edition of the series is none other than Gary Numan, a true legend and another undisputed electronic music pioneer. 
    He is equally known for his chart-topping hits in the 70s and 80s as for his signature sound of heavy synthesizer hooks and massively processed guitars who inspired countless acclaimed musicians of our time. MOTOR feat. Gary Numan “Pleasure In Heaven” is an encounter of two generations of gifted electronic musicians and could be considered a little piece of electronic music history itself.

    For this challenging task the Singaporean dj/producer Xhin and the South Californian Drumcell, two cutting edge techno artists have been called on the remix duties and have delivered highly powerful and thrilling versions of this song. While Xhin uses Gary Numan´s vocals predominantly as atmospheric elements, enriching and enchanting the deep and driving track, Drumcell´s mix is almost like an alternative full vocal mix with a slow and mesmerizing yet raw and uncompromising approach. Supremely honoring the innovative techno roots of MOTOR, both versions show a lot of the artist´s outstanding production skills and complement one another perfectly in their dissimilarity.
    Apart from the strictly limited collector´s item picture discs, CLRX4 is also available as digital downloads in all the popular online shops.