Monoloc - First Drift EP

    Artist: Monoloc
    Title: First Drift EP
    Cat-No: CLR061MP3
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    Release Date: August 27, 2012

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    Just as we would have expected it from a restless sound scientist like Monoloc, the first single announcing his upcoming debut album on CLR is another proof of his constant evolution. Since the release of his first record in 2001, this versatile and inspiring electronic musician has been honing his production skills and has released music on numerous renowned labels. CLR061 and the upcoming album are results and vivid expressions of his remarkable development as a producer. None other than Chris Liebing assisted during the mix-down of the new tracks and studio neighbor Brian Sanhaji took good care of the mastering. The outcome is an in-house CLR production that will surely satisfy even the most exigent listeners.

    Both tracks on CLR061 are good examples of one of Monoloc´strongest gifts, which is the ability to freely use elements from all kinds of musical styles and incorporate them artistically into his own compositions. “Shame” is a groovy, atmospherically rich piece of music, which includes several of the artist´s musical influences, always staying true to his popular minimalistic Techno roots. The dreamy, captivating vocals add a certain retro-touch to the track, which is not a contradiction but merely a challenge for a free-spirited producer like Monoloc. The second track “HH” is a shining example of an uncompromising piece of up to date Techno, reduced to the indispensable but still deep and full of personal expression.

    If you are a friend of intelligent electronic music you should definitely pay attention to the present release and the upcoming album of this inspiring artist.

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