Brian Sanhaji & Drumcell - Split Structure EP

    Artist: Brian Sanhaji & Drumcell
    Title: Split Structure EP
    Cat-No: CLR057WAV
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    Release Date: March 05, 2012

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    For CLR057 sonic wizard Brian Sanhaji from Frankfurt and Southern California´s techno champ Drumcell teamed up to create a mighty big four track EP featuring “Split” and “Structure”, two brand new original tracks with their corresponding dub versions. Even for people who are familiar the work of both of the renowned producers, listening to this release will surely end up to be a pleasantly surprising experience.

    The outstanding productions combine many characteristics at the same time. They are diversified and intelligent, aggressive but funky and sound simultaneously brilliant and dirty. Both artists are known for pushing the limits of their gear in the studio as well as playing out live, and you can literarily feel the fun they had when they were producing this memorable EP. CLR057 is an explosion of good energy and a faultless manifestation of mind-bending techno.