One of technoís true underground heroes, Function, real name Dave Sumner has been DJing and making music for over 15 years. Hailing from New York, he was seduced by techno music when Jeff Mills held a residency (as well as his own) at the Limelight in the early 90s. Dave started to produce music and from the mid-90s onwards, put out music on Damon Wildís Synewave and his own Infrastructure imprint. Together with Karl OíConnor aka Regis he worked as Portion Reform, putting out uncompromising music on Downwards and becoming the only non-Birmingham producer to release on the label. More recently, Dave moved to Berlin and, still working with OíConnor, set up the acclaimed Sandwell District imprint. Featuring releases by Regis/Kalon, Silent Servant, Female and Ian Richardson, the label is kicking against minimal blandness with dynamic, harder-edged yet curiously accessible techno. In particular, Functionís own bleep-techno killer 'Isolationí and the old school-styled follow up, 'Anticipationí are some of the best releases of the past year. Itís little wonder then that Sandwell was recently featured as label of the month on Resident Advisor.




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