Kevin Gorman

      Kevin Gorman is a DJ & Producer from Manchester, England. He is best known for his releases on International Deejay Gigolo, his involvement with Net28 in Madrid and his own label Mikrowave. In December 2007 his debut album 'Chemistry Lock' was released on Gigolo, featuring the single DMX.

      Kevin has played throughout Europe's clubs and festivals, including Fabric in London, Sonar in Barcelona, The Watergate and The Berghain in Berlin and Rex Club in Paris. He performs exclusively with his laptop and MIDI gear, crafting live and improvised edits each time.

      From March to June 2009 this has resulted in him releasing a series of singles called 'Elements' where he is catering exclusively for DJ's of this sort- by releasing all the parts to his music alongside the original tracks.

      Kevin is a member of Madrid's Net28 crew alongside Alex Under, Tadeo and Damian Schwartz. His track '8' is included on the first ever Net28 release, a compilation simply called ‘01’. Previously he has released two records for Alex Under's CMYK label - the Nota Azul EP and a remix of Damian Schwartz’s Verde Confeti.

      Mikrowave was formed by Kevin in 2006 as an outlet for his own productions and as a platform for exciting artists worldwide. It has featured music from Marcel Dettmann, Alex Under, Agaric, Marc Ashken, Tadeo, Mark Broom and others.

      Kevin's remix highlights include the R & S rave classic ‘Vamp’ by Outlander, as well Alloy Mental’s ‘God is Green’ for Skint Records.

      He has also recorded under different aliases, and at various times worked in the music industry as promoter, graphic designer, bootlegger, teacher and photographer. Using the name 'Cheech' he remixed Tony Thomas for 'Bugged' (2003) and had his first track 'Rocksteady' (2002) re-released on Distinctiv' in 2004. Cheech has appeared on compilations including James Lavelle's Global Underground, Y4K and others. Kevin is based in his Manchester studio, and is originally from Chester, England.



    • 01. DVS1 - Polyphonic Love - Transmat
      02. Joann - 115 State - 7even Recordings
      03. Marcel Dettmann - Captivate - Ostgut Ton
      04. J Rogers - Mind Control - blipswitch
      05. Phlox 2 - Phlox 2
      06. Speedy J - Trails (Edit Select Tool 1) - Electric Deluxe
      07. Kyle Hall - Kaychunk - Hyperdub
      08. Actress - Machine And Voices - NonPlus+
      09. Jonas Kopp - Ruda - Curle Recordings
      10. - Horizontal Ground 04 - Horizontal Ground


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