Joseph Capriati

      Joseph Capriati, begins to approach the world of dj-ing in 1998 at the age of 11 with the passion for house and hip-hop. From 1999 to 2004 he performs in some clubs in south Italy and plays with various international dj's growing musically and converted to the music that will totally transform himself: the techno! In 2005, begins his interest in the music production with the desire to create their own music and to play it. He began to learn the use of music-programms in a recording studio of his friend until does not buy his first sound card and midi keybord and begins to work on their own. In 2006 becomes resident DJ of the new club "underground" of his city , "Disco Seven" where perform with some best DJ's of techno scene and here knows the owner of the GLOBOX, who decides to release his tracks on vinyl named "Formaldehyde" with the side B entitled "Microbiotik" that will take a great success and will be played by DJ's like Richie Hawtin, Magda, Paco Osuna. In the end of 2007 Joseph has his debut on Analytic Trail with “C’est la vie”. With this track Joseph Capriati is strongly one of the most top charts producers of the year. In 2008 his releases on Alex Under’s Cmyk with the track “Giallo Canarino” and run to the “Neapolitan techno school”;with Rino Cerrone the “Orange” EP on Loose rec and “Unrilis 02”; with Markantonio “Round Zero” on MKT;with Uto Karem “Agile 02” etc.Same In 2008 Joseph together with Markantonio created “Codice Morse” for Alchemy rec. the label of Mauro Picotto,that was played by the most important artists and included in many collections,and lateron Analytic Trail the techno hit “Molotov” choiced by Richie Hawtin for first track in his tour set from summer to winter and played like first track too at Love Parade! In february 2009 his debut with an EP for the label CLR of Chris Liebing with tracks “Login” and “Passworld” that confirms Joseph in the world techno scene . In 2009 too has his debut on DRUMCODE of Adam Beyer,with 2 EP’s DC 53 and 53.5 and at the beginning of 2010 he remixed the storic track “Remainings III” from Adam Beyer too. Are known his performance in festivals like Awakenings (Holland),Wire (Japan),Nature One (Germany),Electrosonic (Spain),GMID (Colombia),S.A.M.C. (Argentina) etc and in some of the best clubs.



    • 01. Tony Rohr, Alexi Delano - Creepy (Joseph Capriati Mix) - Sleaze Records (UK)
      02. Markantonio, Rino Cerrone - Revolution is back (Original Mix) - Unrilis
      03. Planetary Assault Systems, Luke Slater - Raid (Original Mix) - Mote Elvolver
      04. Tommy Four Seven - Track5 (Original Mix) - CLR
      05. Marco Bailey - Purple Haze (Joseph Capriati Mix) - MB Elektronics
      06. Bordoy, Gabriel D'Or - Infected Rhythm(Tom Hades Remix) - Rhythm Converted
      07. Riccardo Ferri - Gravitational Collapse (Joseph Capriati Mix) - Alchemy (Italy)
      08. Chris Finke - Moofish (Mark Broom Mix) - Gynoid Audio
      09. Francesco Tristano - Idiosynkrasia (Ben Klock Mix) - InFine


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