Dave Clarke & Mr. Jones

      He may be known as The Baron Of Techno, a moniker given to him by John Peel, but Dave Clarke has an anarchist streak a mile wide and punk in his soul. Having no truck with establishment figures or authoritarianiasm, it’s unsurprising he revels in the libertarianism of the World Wide Web. It gives symmetry to his savvy techno vision. “I got so much shit for being a futurist,” he states (he was the first Techno artist to release an Internet only single back in 2000), “When I started going digital and moved away from vinyl some of my fellow artists asked me, ‘How much are they paying you?’ How much is who paying me? It was such a strange situation - this is techno – it’s supposed to be forward-looking! I thought, ‘Whatever these people say, I’m still going to move forward, it’s the right course.”

      He did and does. Ever the gadget-lover, he enthuses about downloading books onto hand-held devices but his main motive is delivering music to the ears of his global dancing public. He plays out every weekend everywhere. To name a recent few, The Rex in Paris, Klubbers Day in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Fabric in London, headliner of Britain’s Glade Festival, and he programmed and headlined his own stage at Holland’s Extrema Festival in 2008 and 2009. At every event there’s the same attention to detail, his sets swooping whip-smart along the cutting blade of techno and electro backed up by a seasoned bag of DJ tricks that pushes the whole caboodle to the next level.

      Dave Clarke, who already played an early demo of Black Asteroid - The Engine EP long before it came out, contributed a highly energetic remix for the peak time moments of the night. His take on Engine 1 is called “Unsubscribe Remix” and was produced by himself and Mr. Jones. The remix takes the essence of the original track and adds Clarke´s punk attitude in its purest form. Though there has been a long studio absence, we are pleased that he took this remix duty.



    • 01) Tim Wolff - Arpeggi Yo
      02) Floorplan - Basic Principle
      03) Vince Watson - Spirit (Octave One Rmx)
      04) 88uw - Communication Offline (Trust The Machine Rmx)
      05) Frank Kvitta feat Horrorist - Lick The Sweat (Submerge Rmx)
      06) Spark Taberner - Rigide
      07) Jason Fernandes - Eject
      08) Tomohiko Sagae - Deburring (Makaton Rmx)
      09) Ben Sims Bite This
      10) Black Asteroid - Engine 1 (_Unsubscribe_ Rmx) 


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