Sigha is the alias of London Based techno producer, James Shaw. To date he has released primarily on Hotflush Recordings, his own imprint Our Circula Sound and been commissioned to provide remixes for a wide range of labels including Prologue, Mikrowave, Metalheadz, Echocord, Steadfast and Sudden Drop amongst others.



    • 01. Sigha - The Politics Of Dying
      02. Shifted - Control EP
      03. Sigha - I Am Apathy, I Am Submission
      04. Truss - Auden
      05. Sandwell District - Immolare ( Silent Servant Version)
      06. O/V/R - Post Traumatic Son (MDR Version)
      07. Orphx - Apparition
      08. Iori - Lapis 1
      09. Sigha - HF029 B1
      10. Perc - Gonkle


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